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1. Pure Water "Ladder-Less" Window Cleaning.

This is our most advanced service, which enables us to offer a comprehensive window cleaning service up to six floors high as well as even higher where required. This system means the operative keeps his feet firmly on the floor, so from your point of view & ours you will know that all work is being carried out in the safest way possible.

Using laboratory grade pure water we agitate the dirt on the windows using a soft bristled brush. The window is then rinsed, & finally left to dry to a great finish.

If you would like to see how this system works please contact us to book a free demonstration. (Free Demonstration only available to Commercial & Industrial customers)

Press Release - April 1999

High Tech Local Window Cleaner is in Pole Position!
Local Window Cleaning Firm, Elfords are delighted to advise customers that they have recently invested in the acclaimed Ladder-Less pole window cleaning system.

This has been well received by many clients from a health and safety perspective but because the system uses pure water, windows can be cleaned much more effectively with no smearing. In brief, the main benefits of the system are:

Windows can be cleaned in buildings up to six storeys high without using ladders, which alleviates the usual Health & Safety Concerns and enables inaccessible windows to be cleaned easily & effectively.

Windows are cleaned much more efficiently as dirt & grime is removed very easily and as it uses pure water the windows are left clean & sparkling.

A choice of brush heads and accessories enables other things to be cleaned e.g. fascias, soffits, cladding, CCTV cameras, glass roofs and signs amongst many other things.

To find out more please call Elfords on:                 Tel/Fax (01202) 295173  Mobile 07710 626480

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2. Traditional Window Cleaning.

We are still able to offer the good old fashion method of window cleaning, using an applicator and squeegee. This method still very much has its uses in places where our Ladder-Less system is not suitable i.e. interior window cleaning. 


3. Glass & Plastic Roofing.

Clear roofs are designed to let maximum light in, however they become dirty very quickly & before you know it you could be losing up to 60% of your natural light. You will only fully appreciate this once you have it cleaned! Typical cleans we can undertake include glass atriums, and conservatory roofs etc.

Above & Below Some Typical Roof Cleans As Undertaken By Elfords 

4. Cleaning UPVC Gutters, Fascias, Soffits, Frames & Cladding

It is not uncommon to spend thousands of pounds on replacing these items with UPVC instead of the old fashioned wooden version, which of course needed regular painting maintenance to keep them in good condition.

However to keep your investment in UPVC well maintained it will still need regular cleaning. The cost of this compared to what you would have paid before in painting costs is minimal, and we think if you like a clean & tidy building then it is well worth having a regular clean to ensure your building stays that way.


5. Sheet Cladding - Plastic & Steel.

Exterior cladding, which is usually found on blocks of flats and factories, will soon become unsightly with grime and mould, particularly if buildings are close to roads. We are able to offer a full cladding cleaning service usually up to six floors high.

6. Gutter Clearance.

To ensure gutters are able to do their job of taking away rain water, they must be cleared on a regular basis. We will ensure they are thoroughly cleared using our unique petrol vacuum cleaners. Please contact us for a quote.

7. Signage Cleaning.

We are able to clean signs of all descriptions from shop fronts to factory signs etc. 


8. Pressure Cleaning.

All kinds of exterior surfaces will benefit from being refreshed using our powerful pressure washers, from the standard patio cleans including re-sanding where necessary as well as the more unusual cleans such as large sculptures and walling etc.

Seen above are some entrance stones shown halfway through the cleaning process removing years of traffic grime, it is surprising how dirty these kind of things become from the general enviroment.

Using extendable lances you can see above how we are able to clean such things as the side of this house. If you look above the end of the lance you can see the after clean standard and below the before. Saves on re-painting for at least another year plus and for little cost in comparison.


9. Exterior Valet Service

This is our premium service where we are able to offer a complete valet of all the most prominent areas around the outside of your property, bringing together all the above mentioned services to give your property a thorough once over. This has proved particularly popular where clients are considering selling their home and wish to ensure that that all important first impression to potential buyers meets their expectations or where new home owners move into a new property that has been neglected for too long, or maybe you have just been to busy yourself and never got around to doing those mundane chores and now find they have all built up into one mammoth chore! Let us take out the initial pain of the worst of the cleaning for you while you get on with more enjoyable past times, you won`t be sorry, Guaranteed


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