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Doff Integra Superheated Steam Cleaning System

We decided to invest in the market leading Doff system in recent years as we were becoming more and more involved in the heritage stone cleaning and restoration fields and were keen to get the best equipment available for such tasks.

The Doff system by Stonehealth Ltd has been around for many years and has developed an enviable reputation in the heritage fields and is a name that is readily recognised due to this hard-earned reputation by all those that work within the industry. These being some of the key factors in elfords decision to purchase the Doff system.

The Doff system as well as being used for cleaning the stonework associated with historical buildings can also be used for many different situations such as paint removal, render cleaning, brick cleaning, chewing gum removal, kitchen equipment degreasing, graffiti removal, wax coatings, bird fouling and the like.

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It works by producing superheated steam up to 150deg at the working nozzle end and low pressures up to a maximum 100 bar at 5 litres a minute flow rate. This means that any cleaning/restoration carried out is always at a sensitively low pressure and low water volume but high temperature thereby protecting any substrate being worked on from any unnecessary damage.

The substrate will not become saturated either and will dry quickly, preventing any further damage by too much water ingress. It is the heat that is mainly doing the cleaning rather than the pressure, especially when in capable and experienced operator’s hands. 

In a lot of cases the system alone is sufficient to clean and sterilise a building without the use of any chemicals. In circumstances where chemicals maybe be necessary the Doff makes light work of any follow up cleaning following the chemical application.

Having originally been trained by Stonehealth to use the Doff system and having gained the necessary experience in various projects since together with Stonehealths ongoing support elfords are proud to say that we now rosette approved contractors as recognised by Stonehealth.

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