The Torc System

Once we had experienced the Doff system from Stonehealth and the work it opened up in the heritage fields it was only natural that we would look to expand our services within these sectors and Stonehealth`s other main product the Torc perfectly suited our aspirations to further enhance our desires to expand into the heritage markets.

What the Doff can`t do the Torc is perfectly suited for, thereby ensuring we have most heritage stone cleaning needs covered with both products. Again, similarly to the Doff the Torc is a very gentle system yet very powerful at what it does.

It is a complete stone cleaning system mainly used for the gentle removal of carbon, brittle paints, limescale/efflorescence, plasters and more. It does this by using a swirling vortex of low air pressure combined with various safe inert fine granulate and a little water. By using various nozzle sizes intricate detailing or large areas can be restored, while ensuring that the all-important substrate is protected from any unnecessary damage.

The Torc can be used on many different types of substrates such as stone, brick, terracotta, ceramic tiles, glass, concrete, wood and metals etc. The system has been used extensively on many buildings of note within the UK such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the Harrods store in London to name a few.