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Oil spills can be an unsightly blight on your once proud driveway or path, be it at home or your business. They can also cause extensive damage to the substrate they are sitting on if left down for too long.

Of course, they can also be a safety trip hazard, especially important around a work place with many passing people. Most oil spills come from vehicle leaks, accidents and the like but can also come from things such as contractor equipment failure too.

If any of this sound like your situation, Elfords would be delighted to take your call to show you what we can do about removing that oil spill/stain for you.

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We have been dealing with exterior cleaning for over 25 years. Our team of highly trained cleaners have the experience to get rid of all type of oil stains. Whether it’s motor oil, gear oil, transmission fluid or hydraulic oil, we can eliminate oil stains from concrete, asphalt, pavers and more.

You’ll see immediate results once we start cleaning. Our fast and efficient service removes even the toughest oil spots and stains. We act quickly before oil can penetrate into cracks and crevices where it’s harder to remove.

We use commercial-grade machines and cleaning agents specifically designed for removing oil, petrol and grease from sealed surfaces. Our high-pressure washers break down oil residue and emulsify it for easy removal.

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