Roof cleaning

Our roof cleaning service encompasses all different types of roofs, from perspex, glass, sheet steel to traditional cement and clay roofing tiles etc. Often roofs become covered in debris, especially problematic moss, which can lead to frost damage to the roof structure, blocked guttering as well as looking unsightly of course.

We employ many different types of cleaning methods to clean roofs, and the most appropriate one is always chosen, as from our extensive 25 years’ experience we know that no one method will suit all. For example, where appropriate we will utilise pressure washing on certain roof types. Do not believe those that say pressure washing is not suitable on roofs. If an appropriate survey is carried out together with the right level of experience, this method can often be the most effective. In other instances, we would use a much less aggressive approach. elfords will always utilise the most appropriate cleaning method to ensure the integrity of your roof and safety of the work is carried out to make sure the results are of the highest order. Please call us today for your free no obligation site survey and quote