Make Your Exterior Look New Again with Softwashing

Softwashing is a term you may well not have heard of yet, but is fast becoming the norm in the UK, it has come from America as is often the case and is a term loosely used to describe any cleaning method where a softer cleaning approach is often more suitable than the more aggressive types such as pressure washing or sand blasting for instance. Whilst the term is relatively new most of the methods have been in use for many years already in one form or another.

Softwashing can be used on almost all exterior surfaces and the thing that sets it apart from the other types of cleaning already mentioned are in that chemicals generally do most of the work and low-pressure application and rinse methods are utilised to protect the integrity of any substrate.

Typical surfaces cleaned using softwashing techniques are the likes of render, decking, tarmac, wet pour play areas, fences, patios etc. So, if you are keen to utilise Elfords softwashing expertise please do not hesitate to contact us today for your free no obligation appraisal and quote.

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Gentle Yet Thorough Cleaning

Our low-pressure cleaning technique removes dirt, mold, algae, surface stains, and more without putting undue stress on your render and other surfaces that traditional high-pressure washing causes. You get a thorough clean without the potential for damage to the surface texture, color or paint.

Our Softwashing Process:

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Elfords Softwashing Results

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