Oil stain removal from driveway

For this oil stain removal, we were contacted by a local car dealership who had recently carried out some repairs to their customers car. Unfortunately, an oil sump plug on the car`s engine had failed soon after, which led to a disastrous dumping of the engines oil on the customers driveway.

We were called in to assess the level of soiling and advise on the likely success of any removal of the oil stain, which as you can see from the photo`s had been spread over a large area of the drive when the customer had driven the car off the drive before noticing the oil leak.

As the customer had contacted us soon after the spill we were confident that we would be able to remove at least 90% of the spill and using our specialised chemicals and equipment you can see this was the case in the after photo`s to the delight of both the car dealership and their customer.

It is worth noting that the longer an oil stain is down on any surface the greater the chances of a less successful full removal occurs. Although most stains can be reduced, it is always best to deal with them as soon as possible after any spillage takes place.