Pressure Washing Brickwork & Flat Surface Areas

For this pressure washing project we were contracted in by a local building company to help clean up their new build apartment complex in readiness for their customers first sales open day, where potential customers would be viewing the apartments with a view to purchase.

It was therefore important that whilst the building was still in it`s final stages of completion, the area was as clean as tidy as possible for those all important first impressions to any potential purchasers.

The jobs spec was to clean down all surface debris to all the building brickwork, which had been left behind from each of the scaffold lifts, including any efflorescent staining. As well as a complete clean of the main underground car park entrance ramp, pathways and rear patio areas.

The brick work was cleaned using our high reach pressure washing poles, and the surface levels were cleaned with pressure washing lances and flat surface cleaners, which ensured that the work was completed with minimum disruption to the building site managers, and as efficiently as possible.

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